Arún Bakery

Hidden beneath the bricks and mortar of Stoneybatter lies a hidden gem thats on the rise. Arun Bakery has been leading the Sourdough Revolution in Dublin since 2011. Five years on and its showing no sign of slowing down, let the good times roll.

We met with Prague native and owner Vlad Rainis in his sourdough sanctuary to learn more about his day to day operations (or in this case day to night...and then back to day again).

We thoroughly enjoy meeting Vlad and his team despite the unsociable working hours, which truly stands as testament to their commitment to the cause...Viva La Revolucion!

Special Thanks

Once again we've got to give a massive shout out to our Producer/Director Stewart G Lambert who shot and edited the entire series for us, you can see more of Stewarts work on his YouTube channel here.

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