The Name

'Hungry' be unable to eat sufficient food to meet needs. 

'Dog' this instance is used to emphasise hunger "I'm doooog hungry"

'Bears'...natural foragers, bears also have one of the highest senses of taste in the animal kingdom. 

How We Came To Be

The idea was born on a forage for wild garlic back in May 2013. While taking some snaps of our journey through the heart of Dublin city onto the green pastures of Phoenix Park the idea struck us to share our food adventures online. Just like that the Dog Hungry Bears were born.

The Three Bears

Barry coleman


Creative & Designated Eater

Barry (Breezy) is a Designer & Creative. 

Breezy by name breezy by nature, he's known for his relaxed and cheerily brisk manner. You generally smell Barry before you see him due to his undying love for Wild Garlic.

Barry is currently on a strict seafood diet, when he sees food he eats it.

enda grogan



Enda is a Business Graduate (and Marketeer in the making).

He has a taste palette that's wise beyond his tender years and is famous amongst friends for his 'ability' to grow his own potatoes.

Rumor has it Enda once ate an entire jar of Ballymaloe relish with a spoon in one sitting.


conor grogan


Engineer Of Eating

We know a bear that you all know, Grogi! Grogi!

Conor (or Grogi as we like to call him) is a Project Engineer by day and a dab hand in the kitchen by night.

His unwavering love of Huevos Rancheros and impressive collection of sombreros has raised questions at Dog Hungry Bears he in fact Mexican?